Rule # 10


Written By: Katie Greene

Happy New Year! The fellowship has officially entered its sixth month, which is living proof that “time flies when you’re having fun!”

I definitely feel that I have grown professionally over these past several months, and have gained invaluable exposure to a variety of career advising opportunities which have strengthened my skill set and expertise. Moving into the New Year and the second half of this fellowship, I am seeking to utilize this increased exposure and expertise to directly contribute to the goals of the SPDC through projects I’ve mentioned in the past, and I hope to outline new projects in the future.

Even though I am engaged with various projects that are meaningful to me, I am also mindful of the ways in which ‘letting go’ is crucial. I am referring to the ‘letting go’ that I have found beneficial when involving myself with projects about which I care deeply. As Gibbs would say on one of my favorite television series, NCIS: “Rule Number 10: Never get personally involved on a case.” Well, clearly Gibbs has never worked in higher education, because there’s no way in which not to get personally involved when supporting and encouraging students. However, the general meaning of his rule still applies.

My perspective is that we can diligently create events and work to implement policies and procedures that support positive growth and change, but ultimately, if we do not make room to ‘let go’ of the process with regard to our own eager, sometimes stifling expectations, we only serve to limit our own professional growth and the authentic and collaborative manifestation of the goals we seek.

This winter and spring, I look forward to remaining committed to various projects, while also making a concerted effort to ‘let go’ of my personal vision for these projects in order to intentionally seek a shared vision from which its most effective impact will occur, and continue beyond the time frame of my own fellowship experience.

In what ways do you try and follow Gibbs’ Rule # 10?







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