A Project in Progress


Written By: Katie Greene (Career Advising Fellow)

My fellowship experience is wonderfully holistic, for which I am grateful. I am encouraged to learn about many aspects of career services, while also being encouraged to focus intently on an area of particular interest for my own professional development and the continued growth of the SPDC.  My area of interest surrounds researching, advancing and implementing career development opportunities for underrepresented student populations. For the sake of my research, I am focusing on students who are engaged with the Center for Race, Equity, Diversity Education (CREDE), the Gender and LGBTQIA Center and Disability Services.

Ross Wade, who is the Director of the SPDC as well as my supervisor, has agreed that we should focus this research within the framework of the following general question: What is the comfort level of diverse students at Elon with regard to utilizing our SPDC services and discussing any issues or concerns with career advisors pertaining to their career development or internships? As this fellowship is only a 10-month program, my hope is to conduct research to inform the creation of an anonymous survey to be distributed to students, and then create an outline of objectives that can hopefully be implemented during the next academic year.

I have been encouraged to use this blog as a space in which to share the process of delving into this project. As a starting point, I have begun this journey by reaching out to the directors of the various centers and offices that might potentially be a part of distributing the planned survey. I will be meeting with each person to discuss the ways in which this research might benefit students, and to brainstorm potential questions to be utilized on the survey.

Additionally, I am reaching out to various colleges and universities that currently offer successful programming for underrepresented students, in order to learn from those experienced with offering targeted programming in order to consider the ways in which these services might best be created and implemented for Elon students, in accordance with the University’s strategic plan.

I am pleased to be conducting a site visit at Davidson College on Nov. 4th, when they host the Emerging Professionals Group Summit (EPG Summit). This will be a wonderful opportunity for me to engage with students and staff, learning more about what students in attendance are looking to again from the experience, and what the staff and visiting professionals are able to contribute to increase initiatives for minority students, which is the focus of this summit.

I hope you will continue to follow my progress as I begin to conduct this research. I look forward to sharing what I learn from my attendance at EPG. Please stay tuned!



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