A Positive Attitude Perfect 10.0

By Katie Greene, Career Advising Fellow

The Olympics recently came to a close, which (if you’re anything like me) probably means you will now be able to get your full eight hours or more of sleep each night! I found myself staying up much later than usual to watch my favorite sporting events, especially gymnastics! Clearly, Simone Biles was quite successful at these 2016 Olympics, and if the perfect 10.0 scoring system still existed within elite gymnastics, I’m sure she would have received many 10’s while competing in Rio. Watching Simone Biles compete her skills with such ease and perfection is always impressive. However, it’s important to remember that in addition to her natural talent and excellent work ethic, a foundational element to Simone’s success is her ability to maintain a positive attitude.

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This reality led me to consider the ways in which exhibiting a positive attitude at work (whether regarding schoolwork, an internship or job), not only increases our overall enjoyment of our work, but also leads us to increased success in reaching our professional goals.

Udemy blogger, Allison Boyer, provides the following 10 tips for success when working to improve or maintain your positive attitude at work. I’ve summarized and condensed her suggestions below. I invite you to consider these tips and see if you can score a perfect 10.0 on your positive attitude at work!

Tip #1: Report problems quickly and professionally.

If you speak to your boss about a complaint, try to also propose a solution.

Tip #2: Treat your coworkers with respect.

You don’t need to like everyone you work with, but being respectful to all those around you helps create and support a positive work environment.

Tip #3: Get enough sleep.

Don’t rely on “catching up” on the weekends. Go to bed earlier.

Tip #4: Identify negative thoughts.

Be mindful of any negative thoughts, and consider if you can approach an issue from a more positive perspective.

Tip #5: Work on your overall stress level.

Try and take a holistic approach to understanding your stress levels. Stress at home or in a relationship affects stress levels at work and vice versa.

Tip #6: Work toward a new job (don’t remain stagnant in a truly miserable job).

If you truly hate your job, prepare your resume and start looking for a new position.

Tip #7: Set goals.

If you’re feeling stagnant in your job, it might be helpful to sit down with your manager to create some realistic, yet challenging goals, both short and long-term.

Tip #8: Alter your responsibilities.

If you have the option to take on new tasks, this is one way to mitigate the monotony of more mundane tasks.

Tip #9: Smile!

Without being disingenuous, a simple smile can subconsciously affect your overall mood, as well as, affect the positive interaction between co-workers.

Tip #10: Remember that a job is just a job.

Your job does not define you. If you don’t like your job, be grateful for the paycheck while you continue looking for a new position, and try and focus on enjoying the more positive aspects of your life.

To read the full content surrounding these 10 tips, check out Allison Boyer’s blog here: https://blog.udemy.com/positive-attitude-at-work/


Author: rwade2

Director of Career Development at Elon University

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