Time To Set New Goals For The Next Journey Ahead

how_to_set_social_media_goals1By: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow

As the end of my fellowship approaches, which baffles me the more I say it, it has been amazing to see the goals that I made for myself come to completion. When I began, one of the first blog posts I wrote was geared toward goal setting. I specifically mentioned how improving my presentation abilities and to at least give 100 presentations by the end of my fellowship was one of my top goals. Well, I didn’t quite count each presentation I gave but I am confident that I easily surpassed presenting 100 times throughout my time here as a fellow. With each presentation, I saw myself gaining more confidence as I presented to students, faculty, board of trustees, and even elementary aged students at Haw River Elementary’s Career Day.

Creating goals for yourself before you start a new position is certainly advice I will continue to give out and follow as I progress in my career. Not only did it help me to focus on and strengthen specific skills but it also allowed me to reflect on each step I took towards reaching that goal. To see the growth in myself since when I first began has been invaluable. When I began this journey in July, I couldn’t have imagined all of the wonderful opportunities that would be afforded to me both professionally and personally.

When you start a new position, the giddiness to meet your new colleagues and the excitement to begin the work that you believe you are so destined to do, is probably one of the best feelings to have. How do I know? Because those were my exact feelings when I began my time here at Elon University and I am so grateful to currently have those feelings once again. I am excited to say that after my fellowship ends I will be traveling back to my hometown of Richmond, VA to work with the students of Virginia Commonwealth University as an Assistant Director for Career & Industry Advising with VCU Career Services. So what are my next goals to be set for this new position? As of right now, I am still mustering those up, however, keep up with me via LinkedIn and you will be sure to find out. 🙂


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