Fellowship Finale & Moving Forward

By: Beth Mannella, Career Advising Fellow (2015-2016)

Since beginning the Career Advising Fellowship in July 2015, my experience at Elon in the SPDC has been the most rewarding post-master’s experience possible.

Fellows at Student Org Fair
Latisha Taylor and Beth Mannella (2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows) tabling at the Student Organization Fair in September 2015

Looking back: In preparation for my Career Advising Fellowship interview one year ago (to this day!), I read numerous blog posts, and I looked forward to the prospect of learning industry trends and overall knowledge of career services to then share on this blog. Throughout my fellowship, I wrote blog posts on new beginnings, things coming full circle, ePortfolio tips, media analytics, updating cover letters, and continuing to search for a job/internship during March madness! My content developed from attending presentations hosted by my colleagues in the School of Communications, teaching five sections of Transition Strategies courses, and meeting one-on-one with students. These opportunities served as means of gaining first-hand knowledge of challenges students face regarding professional development, as well as learn feedback from employers to share with students and colleagues beyond Elon.

Gratitude: Prior to joining Elon, I ran residence halls for four years and was seeking a new functional area within higher education to start my career. Elon provided endless opportunities throughout the fellowship that led me to a career in which I am excited to wake up to every morning! Throughout the fellowship, attending conferences, managing on-campus employer relations in the fall semester, presenting to students on finding careers in new-to-me areas (criminal justice, geriatrics, history), and having support from an office who appreciates, respects, challenges, and encourages the fellows has been invaluable. Every day for the past nine months, I felt gratitude toward Elon and my colleagues for providing this Career Advising Fellowship and all of the opportunities embedded in the fellowship.

Moving forward: After the fellowship, I am joining Action Greensboro in Greensboro, NC as the Program Director for a new initiative, the Opportunity Greensboro Summer Fellows Program. This position combines many aspects of career services that I gained experience in (and realized I loved) during my fellowship. As the Program Director, I will work with a cohort of students from the seven local Greensboro colleges and universities, each respective institution’s career services office, and organizations throughout Greensboro who host local college students (my cohort of Summer Fellows) in paid summer internships. To learn more about the Summer Fellows Program, which launches summer 2016, feel free to check out the website here! In addition, my supervisor is an Elon alumna, which is great!

Overall: It is amazing to explore new career areas and find a position/office/environment that truly fits. I am forever grateful for the Career Advising Fellowship in the SPDC and the greater Elon University community for providing ten incredible months. I am looking forward to staying nearby in Greensboro and continuing to support the Career Advising Fellows, while engaging with the SPDC in my new position!



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