Resume Tips Courtesy of Beyoncé


By: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow

Beyoncé has been causing so much commotion these days with her Formation song and music video, as well as rumors of a new album dropping. So being a card-carrying member of the Beyhive, I couldn’t help but to find some way to incorporate her into my next blog post with a professional development flair of course. All this time, I had no idea Beyoncé was so skilled at resumes. Did you? With five song titles sang by the chart-topping American singer, look and see just how much Beyoncé knows about resumes and what you could learn:

  • FORMATion
    • Although this song may have a totally different meaning, getting your resume in FORMATion is an absolute must! There is not a ‘perfect’ way of formatting your resume. The go-to section headers that you typically see listed on resumes are Header/Identification, Education, Employment/Internship Experiences, Activities, & Skills. Some section headers may be optional based on your field. Make sure your resume format has a clean and functional overall design to it with easy-to-read fonts and a visually appealing layout. There should never be too much white space but also keep in mind to leave enough white space so it doesn’t look too crowded.
  • Flawless
    • Beyoncé hit the nail right on the head! Your resume should be flawless of all spelling and grammatical errors. Have several people look over your resume for any of those mistakes. We often become blind to our resume flaws since we spend so much time crafting them to be as perfect as can be.
  • Upgrade U
    • While Beyoncé may be focusing on how to upgrade her partner, Mr. Carter himself, when it comes to resumes upgrading or updating your resume is essential. When you start a new position or begin an internship, update your resume as soon as possible. It’s a pain to have to do it right before your resume is needed again. Keeping your resume updated causes less stress.
  • Countdown
    • Like Beyoncé does in this upbeat R&B love song, your resume must countdown. Doesn’t make sense? Well, when it comes to the jobs and internships you list on your resume, they should be in reverse chronological order. Whatever position you are currently in or have most recently completed goes first and so on. If you have multiple sections of jobs/internships, each section should have the positions listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Ego
    • Just because you aren’t Beyoncé doesn’t mean you can’t have a big ego too. Your resume is the first impression that employers have of you. If you have any accomplishments you achieved while in your job or internship, don’t be shy, include them! For example, if you increased sales by 50% or you increased followers on Instagram by 65%, list this as one of your job description statements.

Are there any other songs by Beyoncé that could relate? I would love to know!

P.S.  While writing this blog, I found this awesome video by a Morehouse College student, Christopher Sumlin, that also saw how Beyoncé gives the best resume tips 🙂 Check it out!


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