Job & Internship Search During March (Madness)!

By: Beth Mannella, Career Advising Fellow

As a former Wisconsin resident/graduate student/Assistant Hall Director, March was a special month where college students throughout the state dedicated their time to college basketball. If you are a current student seeking full-time employment or an internship for this upcoming summer, you likely feel the search pressure as March (Madness) has begun. While building your bracket and watching March Madness might be one of your favorite times of the year, searching for jobs and internships during basketball games could be part of your viewing experience.

New Job Ahead

A few weeks ago, Elon welcomed employers from G&S Business Communications and Foothills Brewery to speak about the job and internship search. Employers provide a wealth of first-hand knowledge about search processes, as they are the ones reviewing resumes, extending interview offers, conducting interviews, and ultimately assessing if candidates are the right fit for the organization. Whether you are in your second year of college or graduating this May, read through the employer’s insights below as you continue applying for jobs and internships during March Madness commercial breaks!

We asked: What do you suggest in terms of students researching the company?

  • Use LinkedIn, Google, and the company website
  • Check out a company’s social media – what stands out?
  • Rule of 3: know the job description, know the company, and know yourself
    • For example, in an interview, our employer from Foothills Brewery asks, “Tell me what you know about Foothills brewery?” It only takes 30 seconds to show the employer you’ve done your research!
  • Be prepared to thoroughly answer WHY you want to be at the company. Again, show them you have done your research and that you know yourself.

Bottom line: To show you have done your research, consider writing/saying “I saw _____ on social media and I really liked it because _____.”

We also asked: How do students stand out?

  • Cover letter! Submit a tailored cover letter (not generic) and PROOFREAD! Find something you can pick out from the company website (campaign, research, mentor program) and make it clear in the cover letter to show you have done your research.
  • Get in touch with current employees on LinkedIn and make a connection, then send a message to find out what they love about their job.
  • Proofread: Employers can eliminate 1/3 of submitted resumes due to misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, and bad grammar.
  • If you are invited in for a face-to-face interview, ask who you are going to be interviewing with, and review the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to gain background information on the person.

Bottom line: Proofread application materials and connect throughout the search process.

Feel ready to research companies and stand out? There is one final bottom line for the job and/or internship search: It is soul crushing to dread waking up to go to work. You never want that. There is SO much opportunity out there so you don’t have to dislike your job – you just need to put in the work to find it.

We are grateful for the insights of employers who visit campus and engage with our students about topics such as the job and internship search. Thanks to G&S Business Communications and Foothills Brewery for sharing information with us!

P.S. March Madness begins March 15th!


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