3 Tips for Staying Focused on Your Professional Development over the Holidays

By: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow


Time has surely flown by these past couple of months. I blinked and it was December! We all know that with the month of December comes not only holiday celebrations and cheer but also what I like to call End of year-itis. End of year-itis can look different to everyone. It could be in relation to the winding down of another intense college semester. It could be in relation to finishing a huge project at work. With either situation you may be in, the holiday break is much needed and anticipated. However, don’t “break” too much.  The holidays are the perfect time to recharge and reenergize yourself to work on your professional development for that first or next career move. Follow these 3 tips over the holidays to stay focused on your professional development:

  1. Update Your Resume
    • Use this free time to update your resume with new leadership positions you took on this semester or technical skills you just mastered. I suggest creating a master resume that includes every experience you’ve ever had, that way when you’re applying for a position you can plug and pull what’s relevant to that particular position from the master resume.
  2. Research Companies/Organizations
    • This is probably the most important step, but actually performed the least. Often times, we assume we know all there is to know about a company or we focus so much on knowing what the position requires and not on what the company is about. In addition to the typical Google search, try researching companies via LinkedIn and Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a great resource to see current and former employee’s reviews as well as potential interview questions asked.
  3. Conduct Informational Interviews
    • Informational Interviews are first-hand opportunities to gauge whether or not you would like a particular profession or to just get a sense of what that interviewee’s career path was. There may even be an alum from your institution who works in your desired field of interest, and lives in your hometown/dream city that would be happy to talk with you. In addition, by connecting with an alum, they will likely remember you when an opening is available. Click here for sample informational interview questions to ask and click here for sample informational interview requests by email or phone.

Have a Happy Holidays and see you in the New Year!


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