10 Tips: Media Analytics

Media Analytics post

By: Beth Mannella, Career Advising Fellow

Panelists Ryan Sweeney (‘10, Strategic Communications) and Nicole Martin (‘03, Business and Economics) engaged with Elon students to discuss all things related to Media Analytics, which was not a major when both panelists attended Elon. Elon introduced Media Analytics as a major for the 2014-2015 academic year, which is exciting for our current and prospective School of Communications students!

Below I’ve listed 10 tips from Ryan and Nicole’s experiences regarding starting a career and being successful in Media Analytics. Personally, Media Analytics was fascinating to learn about as a Career Advising Fellow with no prior knowledge. If you are also new to Media Analytics, keep reading to learn more!

  1. Communication: In Media Analytics roles, you need to tell the story and communicate it to your audience. Especially with agencies – clients are in the daily trenches. You have to see ideas and tell them what they need, while supporting it with data. In addition, it is crucial to be able to have a wealth of info but be able to boil it down.
  1. “Tell me about yourself: Do not go into your life story about siblings unless it is truly fascinating. This really means: how can you fit in here? Your response can include: I am able to change my perspective, I am very data driven, organized, off the cuff, open-minded thinker, strategic, and more! *Think about key words related to Media Analytics
  1. Interviews: You will often be asked, “What did you think about our website?” Be able to give examples of what you like/what you didn’t like. Also, show your curiosity – this shows that you do not necessarily accept things as they are and you want to dig more.
  1. Language: R – stats language is increasingly becoming a favored language for statistical analysis. It is all open source and free.
  1. Skills: Basic business communication is really important – you have to be able to speak colloquially to certain people. Cannot jargon, jargon, jargon because people will get lost!
  1. Social Listening: As trends in the industry are constantly changing, stay current with Avinash Kaushik, Seomoz, FlowingData, Social Control.
  1. On Failure: Failure is fantastic. Although failure is sometimes expensive, so as long as you can plan it out and test, then you have learning opportunities versus huge financial failures.
  1. Advancing your career: Psychology is very important. Panelists recommended students obtain a Master’s in Psychology over pursuing an MBA.
  1. Internships: If there is no internship available at your desired agency/company, offer to come in and write whitepapers for the company – this is a great way to get your foot in the door!
  1. Hiring: Employers want people on the team that are passionate, can be trusted, and can see the big picture. Keep this in mind (in other industries as well)!

We are thankful for the insights of Ryan and Nicole, and are hopeful these 10 Tips: Media Analytics resonate with you, whether you are pursuing Media Analytics or were unfamiliar with the field and opportunities!



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