Full Circle

By: Beth Mannella, Career Advising Fellow

Happy Friday! As I reach my two-month anniversary of starting this fellowship, I am amazed at how several aspects of my experience thus far have come full circle. For example, Ross Wade began this fellowship five years ago and recently came back to Elon University as the Director of Career Development in the Student Professional Development Center! With Ross’s return to Elon, he now supervises the Career Advising Fellows, which is extremely exciting! The opportunity to work closely with Ross, who developed this incredible fellowship, seems surreal!

In addition to experiencing this fellowship come full circle with welcoming Ross Wade back to Elon, when I interviewed for the fellowship, I expressed interest in corporate and employer relations and corporate campus recruiting. Fast forward to this week, where I helped manage our first fall event, employer information session, and on-campus employer interviews! Next week, I will continue to help manage employer-related events, including the following:

  • Sales Meet and Greet
  • Job & Internship Expo
  • Employer Lunch & Learns
  • On-campus interviews
  • Employer Information Sessions

I am beyond fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as the point person for all on-campus employer relations for the next several months and continue to gain experience in this realm.

It has also been wonderful to have a friend (and former colleague) join the Elon University community. When I was in my first year of graduate school, several colleagues began working at Elon, so my circle of higher education colleagues expanded to this institution. Now that I am here in this fellowship and another former colleague has joined campus, things are continually becoming full circle!

As my fellowship “circle” continues to become fuller, one of my greatest realizations over the past two months has been recognizing how important office culture, campus climate, weather (ha!), communication, and a positive attitude blend to enhance this fellowship experience. Thank you, Ross Wade, for developing and implementing this fellowship five years ago!


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