Confessions of a Goal Digger

downloadBy: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow 

These past couple of days I have experienced so many firsts! Just to name a few, I have now had my first sessions of drop-in hours, one-on-one appointments with students, and I have also given my first presentation to students here at Elon!

I had the opportunity to talk with the Leaders Impacting Values-based Experiences (L.I.V.E) Directors about what we do in the Student Professional Development Center and what resources would be valuable to them. Just some background knowledge on our L.I.V.E. Directors here at Elon, there are 5 Directors who are all students and are all members of Fraternity & Sorority Life. These students work with chapter leadership & House Captains to create experiences related to areas of the Fraternity & Sorority Life Chapter Development & Performance Program. Did I mention that these are students!? The work they will be doing is awesome! In addition to presenting to them, I asked them about what their goals were with collaborating with our office and what they hope to accomplish with this wonderful partnership. Little did they know, I was on my way to achieving one of my many goals by simply getting the chance to present to them.

Before I started this position, I made it a goal of mine to sharpen my presentation skills. I often times got the feedback that I would speak too fast while presenting and to watch out for my filler words, which I definitely need help with avoiding filler words! It’s so hard! 😦 So with that goal, I thought to myself, practice makes perfect! In an effort to create a measurable goal I told myself that I will present at least 100 times by the end of my fellowship. That might seem high but I don’t think I will have any problems getting to that number at all!

I mention goal-setting to say this, setting goals is important, almost everyone know’s that, but setting goals before you start a position is essential. It allows for you to have a vision of what you hope to accomplish so that you go in already working on set tasks. Also, if you have already formulated your goals before starting your position it shows initiative and that you have a plan to stay and grow with the company to complete those goals.

With that being said, I have a lot of other goals that I have set for myself (hints *the confessions of a goal digger*) within this fellowship and I hope to share more with you all as I continue my ‘Elon’ journey!


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