New Beginnings

Happy Friday!

As introduced in prior blog posts, my name is Beth Mannella, and I am thrilled to work in the SPDC as one of the 2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows at Elon University! Elon is the fifth institution I have worked at, and the SPDC staff and greater Elon community have made the first six weeks wonderful! I am fortunate to live in a beautiful state, work with talented and knowledgeable professionals, and support Elon students in a number of ways throughout my fellowship.

This past weekend, President Lambert shared in his New Student Convocation address to the Class of 2019 that this is a time for new beginnings. In higher education, a new academic year also signifies new incoming students, new staff members, new policies and procedures, and new opportunities. If you are a higher education professional, then Happy New Academic Year! As the new 2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows, Latisha and I have spent the past six weeks settling into our new (recently renovated) office space, meeting our new colleagues, learning our new roles, and starting our post-Master’s journeys in a new city and state. The academic year seems to fly by quicker every year, so as this new year begins, it is time to recognize where we are individually and what new endeavors and challenges we anticipate facing.

After Latisha and I completed over one month of training, we wanted to express our gratitude to our two supervisors, Amber McCraw and Kristen Aquilino. Amber and Kristen put extensive time and effort into developing and executing our fellowship training, while managing their own workloads. Latisha and I spent time creating a list of words that describe Amber and Kristen, individually, and turned them into wordle images (photo below). As this new academic year begins, it is also a time where we can evaluate our professional image and work style. One question I constantly ask myself is, “How do I want my colleagues and students to describe me?” Words are powerful and as we dive into another academic year, I hope we can all strive to be described with words we feel empower us and reflect our individuality, work style, and personality. What words do you hope your colleagues or students would use to describe you?

Have a great weekend!

New Office
The newly renovated Career Advising Fellows office, located in Moseley 140. Please come visit our beautiful new space!
Career Advising Fellows Past & Present: Latisha Taylor, Amber McCraw, Kristen Aquilino, Beth Mannella
Career Advising Fellows Past & Present (L to R): Latisha Taylor, Amber McCraw, Kristen Aquilino, Beth Mannella

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