Officially Official!

By: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow

Hello everyone!

I guess you can now say we (Beth and I) are finally “official” now that we are posting on the Elon University Career Fellows Blog! Like Amber said in our introduction, I am from Richmond, VA which is not too far, only a three-hour drive. However, if you ask my mom she will say that it’s practically across the country. Even though it is not far, I am still in a new state with new surroundings which prompts new beginnings! Everyone I have met has been extremely nice and helpful, literally EVERYONE! Southern hospitality goes a long way. 🙂

Speaking of southern hospitality, the folks at Elon University certainly do a fantastic job at displaying kindness and providing assistance. For example, both Beth and I had an issue with setting up our voicemail’s. When we put in a request to Tech Support to have it fixed, we received an email a few minutes later with an “issue resolved” ticket. Well, as excited as we were to have our voicemail’s set up, that excitement quickly came to a halt when we checked to see if our voicemail’s were now working, which sadly they were not. When I reached back out to Tech Support letting them know that it still wasn’t working, Ben Seay (shout out to Ben!) immediately called and was very eager to help me set up my voicemail. Mind you, this was around 4:55 PM on a Monday! Ben helped me with this issue until after 5:00 PM, talk about dedication! From what I’ve been told, I guess that’s just the Elon way!

Being a new Career Advising Fellow, not only have I met and encountered some awesome people, but I have already had the opportunity to participate in an amazing workshop. Elon hosted the North Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop. The MBTI is a personality assessment that I had taken before, but I knew very little on how to interpret and especially how to best use this tool when working with students. After attending the workshop, I may not be certified just yet but I definitely know A LOT more than I did before. In addition, I was able to network with other career services professionals in the state. How cool is that!?

All in all, I am looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the fellowship will turn out! If it is anything like my first couple of weeks so far, then I know it will be a blast!



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