Fake Break

By Kristen Aquilino, International Career Fellow

Elon students have been enjoying a quick reprieve between having finished their Winter Term this past Tuesday and prior to beginning the Spring Semester tomorrow. During “Fake Break” some students choose to head home, others are using that time to relax around campus (especially those whose travel was challenged by the weather up north), and we’ve even received word of students who are using this time to … drum roll please… apply to jobs! We’re always happy to get that report 🙂

Not only is Elon’s Fake Break a good time for students to get some rest and prepare for the next semester, but it is also a great opportunity for faculty and staff to do some of those things we’ve been meaning to accomplish, like clean our desks, finalize syllabi and even attend some trainings and professional development meetings that we would not have time for during the semester. So, amidst the organizing, planning and preparation for the coming semester, Amber, Danielle and I also took part in some awesome learning opportunities.


This past Tuesday, the SPDC team participated in an Ally Training. Matthew Antonio Bosch, the Director of Elon’s Gender and LGBTQIA Center, led the training and educated us about the latest identity terminology and LGBTQIA history, and guided us in discussion about real-life scenarios.  It was an important, interactive and informative training. You can follow the Gender and LGBTQIA Center on Facebook and Twitter to learn more!

WWWLuncheonFollowing up to Tuesday, the three fellows and our colleague Aisha Mitchell drove to the Alamance County Women’s Resource Center where we attended a Working Women’s Wednesday luncheon. Guest speaker, Alexandra Zagbayou, shared about her role as High School Program Director of Student U in Durham. Through sharing her story and describing her work, Alexandra challenged everyone in the room to think critically about our society and what we are doing to build stronger individuals and communities through education.  You can follow Student U on Facebook and Twitter to learn more!

Today is the last day of Fake Break and classes begin tomorrow.  Have a great start to the spring semester and we’ll check in soon!


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