TRANSITION (noun): a change from one state or condition to another.

2013 has officially transitioned to 2014. We are more than halfway through the academic year and just last week Rayna and I realized we had reached the 6 month mark in our 10 month fellowship.

We’ve kept busy this month co-teaching a Transition Strategies course for a group of students getting ready to start a new chapter in their lives. The course is part of the Revson Series a new initiative designed to prepare students for life after Elon. Members of the SPDC staff have shared information with our students on topics including, personal finance, insurance, real estate, negotiation and more. The students weren’t quite sure what they had gotten themselves into at the beginning of the course but looking through their final reflections, the benefits are clear. They are changing from students to adults. The series was created to ease the transition from college to a world of independence in which they will have to make choices about where to work and live, how to spend their money and what to invest in. Thanks to the course our students are leaving feeling confident in their knowledge and abilities.

At the same time Rayna and I are beginning our own transition. The fellowship is quickly coming to an end and we’ve begun to think about our next steps. We too are confidently moving from a period of learning and development to full-fledged professionals. Reflecting back on the past few months we’ve realized how much we have learned, not just about career services or higher education but about ourselves and what we are looking for out of a career and out of life.


Author: Danielle Garrison

Career Advising Fellow 2013-2014 As one of two Career Advising Fellows, Danielle will assist with career advising for students of all class years and majors through individual meetings and co-facilitation of transition strategies classes, and will collaborate with residence life and other student life initiatives to develop career-related programing. Danielle previously worked in the Career Services office at Elmira College in upstate NY for four years. Danielle completed her undergraduate work as a Business Administration and Human Services double major, as well as her Master’s Degree in Corporate & Community Education at Elmira. Danielle is actively involved in Kiwanis and loves to bake!

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