‘Tis the Season…to Keeping Searching


November is here, December is quickly approaching, and along with trips home come slight panic and uncertainty. Holidays are usually a stressful time for many students due to plaguing questions from parents and relatives on their job search progress. Students try to prepare accordingly, but aren’t even sure what they should be doing.

“I don’t graduate until May. Isn’t it too early to start job searching?”, “I’ve been swamped all semester, shouldn’t I use my holiday breaks to…break?”

The short answer is no, holiday season is a great time to stay committed to your search!

3 Reasons to Keep Your Job Search Going:

You’ve got time. This break from your heavy course load or your extracurricular responsibility will allow you more time to conduct thorough searches, perfect your resume, and prepare for interviews. Take advantage of the downtime and visit your Career Services staff.

No one else is looking. Ok, well maybe not anyone else, but most people have stopped. November and December have even slower job search rates than June and July. Fewer competitors mean that you’ll have a better chance at securing a position.

It’s party time! While it would be nice to spend your holiday season hanging out with family and catching up with old friends, holiday season is ideal for networking. There will be several dinner parties or gatherings and tons of new people to rub elbows with. Not to mention, sending holiday greetings are a great way to reconnect with contacts, providing an opportunity to gently remind them that you’ll be graduating in just a few months.

Taking time off is tempting, but you may regret it in the long run. Do allow yourself time to rest and regroup for the spring semester, but don’t completely shut down. Your May-self will definitely thank you for being proactive.



Author: raynaanderson2

Career Advising Fellow, 2013-2014 Elon University, Student Professional Development Center Rayna's graduate degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs (HESA) and past graduate assistantship experience has prepared her for her current role in university Career Services. While her primary objective is to provide career development advice to students, Rayna is trained to also assist the general public with career & educational planning. Rayna strongly encourages the integration of the personal & professional selves, through extensive reflection and exploration. She believes that this integration can have very positive effects and she enjoys assisting others in developing the habits necessary to attain their desired personal, career and educational goals. Rayna's work is guided by her desire to equip and empower others with the skills needed to not only survive their college days, but to thrive in the days to come. Areas of Interest: General Career Development & Educational Planning Motivational Goal Setting Sustaining Work/Life Balance Career Services in Higher Education Positive Psychology in Career Development College & Career Planning for Marginalized Populations Diversity & Social Justice Education & Training Bachelor of Science- Health Studies, University of Louisiana at Monroe – 2010 Master of Arts- Education, Louisiana State University – 2013 Certified Professional Career Coach, PARW/CC – 2013

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