Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween! The office is decked out with spider webs and skeletons and there is certainly no shortage of treats! What are you going to dress up as this year? This year Rayna and I drove all around town, visiting some stores up to three times in just one day in search of the perfect costume. I always have a tough time deciding what I want to be and an even harder time finding all of the pieces that match my vision. Have you ever thought about what your Halloween costume and how you go about selecting it, says about you and your personality?

Here are my thoughts and guesses on how each Myers Briggs Preference would go about selecting their Halloween costume:

Extrovert: Something colorful, shiny and splashy, perhaps a group costume.


Introvert: A more quiet, reserved and traditional costume.


Sensing: A detailed costume with every accessory accounted for, that was bought back in September.


Intuitive: A crafty, DIY, very creative costume that has deeper meaning.

fortune teller

Technical: Well a technically correct costume of course!


Feeling: Maybe a superhero or a cop costume – they probably spent a lot of time helping everyone else pick out their costumes before they got around to getting their own.

super hero

Judging: This costume needs no explanation it’s probably historically correct and they might not be happy with it anymore but they picked it out months ago and they are sticking with it!


Perceiving: This could be the we’re not quite sure what you are supposed to be costume and you’re going to have to explain it every time. They were going with the flow and threw it together with whatever they had on hand and may have even changed their mind the day of Halloween.

jonas brother


Author: Danielle Garrison

Career Advising Fellow 2013-2014 As one of two Career Advising Fellows, Danielle will assist with career advising for students of all class years and majors through individual meetings and co-facilitation of transition strategies classes, and will collaborate with residence life and other student life initiatives to develop career-related programing. Danielle previously worked in the Career Services office at Elmira College in upstate NY for four years. Danielle completed her undergraduate work as a Business Administration and Human Services double major, as well as her Master’s Degree in Corporate & Community Education at Elmira. Danielle is actively involved in Kiwanis and loves to bake!

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