Next Up: Duke University

Created by: Katie Smith, 2012-2013 Career Advising Fellow

Elon University Love School of Business

As we suspected it might, ten months flew by. Less than a year ago, I first pulled up to Elon University, the place that would become my new home. I expected that my time as a Career Fellow would provide me with greater experience in working with students and seeing new and different aspects of a career office. I expected to meet a couple friends and build connections that would help me secure a permanent position the following year.

I did not expect to truly love my time at Elon. I did not expect to find incredible friends in Mikki, Ashley, and other colleagues. I did not expect to meet with 300 students and I certainly did not expect to build high-quality relationships with many of them. I have seen a number of students all the way through the process of securing an internship or job and am so excited for their opportunities. I have co-taught classes and have built lasting relationships with multiple faculty members. Elon has been a community that has provided me exceptional challenge, friends, colleagues, and plenty of food.

My time at Elon helped me to grow as a young professional, learning my profession and building my skills. I finish this year more knowledgeable, confident, and connected than I was when I began. I am a better speaker, a better resume writer, and a better career advisor.

I am excited to have accepted a position at Duke University, were I will serve as an Assistant Director for Career Services for STEM Industries. Specifically, I will be working with undergraduate students in science, technology, engineering, and math fields. I will have the challenge of building upon existing relationships with faculty members and starting new ones. I will see how a different office operates and will have continued opportunity to learn, grow, and improve myself as a professional. Of course, I will also have the added bonus of working with our former supervisor, Ross Wade.

My time at Elon has been a fantastic experience and I am thankful to everyone who has contributed or supported me in any way. Thank you!

Duke University


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