NCACE Conference

Created by: Katie Smith, 2012-2013 Career Advising FellowNCACE-oval-2-300x147

Our 10 months are wrapping up quickly; Mikki and I cannot believe that we’ll be done with the Career Fellow positions in just under two weeks!

Unfortunately I don’t have pictures to show (we were too busy learning, networking, and presenting!), but last week Mikki and I drove out to Blowing Rock, NC for the annual NCACE (North Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers) Conference. At the conference we met and reconnected with career professionals and recruiters from across the state. We attended socials and sessions on topics such as experiential learning, skill-based career programs, serving underrepresented student populations, and more. Additionally, we presented our own session on Onboarding through Networking, sharing the relational training approach that made our own onboarding experience so efficient and powerful. Through presenting, we were able to generate conversation about effective practices and gave attendees strategies for training new hires and proactively building relationships in their own roles.

Elon’s own Jane Mehringer served as Conference Co-Chair, coordinating logistics and leading the event for nearly 130 attendees. At the conference, she was officially named President-Elect for the organization.


As part of our own training on our first day of work at Elon, Mikki and I each established our goals for the year. At the time, I had little idea of what I was in for. I had set a goal of meeting with three students and giving seven presentations. Three hundred student appointments and 50 presentations later, I’ve far exceeded those goals and they seem almost silly in retrospect. I had hoped to attend at least two conferences and better understand our office’s assessments: MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, and StrengthsQuest. Mikki and I attended three conferences (and, of course, even presented at one of them), received internal training on all three assessments and external training and certification for the first level of StrengthsQuest, a topic that we now comfortably and frequently present for classes and organizations.

The NCACE Conference and my accompanying reflection about gives me an opportunity to look back and recognize how well this year has challenged me and helped me grow. I have learned a great deal through Elon and am excited to take my experience forward to my next step, leading way for next year’s Fellows. More on that later. 🙂


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