Ready for Spring

Created by: Katie Smith, 2012-2013 Career Advising Fellow

We’ve been at Elon for over 6 months and are currently in the middle of “fake break,” or the students’ week-long break after the January term. It’s incredible how fast time has gone. Mikki is in New Jersey advising an alternative break trip (more on that from her, I’m sure) and I’m in the office trying to prepare for what will surely be a very busy semester.

Updates from my end: since November I’ve been spending 10 hours each week working with Jane Mehringer in the Porter Family Professional Development Center in the Love School of Business. The Porter Center is a branch office of the Student Professional Development Center that focuses specifically on business students. In the Porter Center, I have observed Jane’s appointments (her background as a recruiter makes this particularly interesting and insightful) and I also hold appointments of my own.  Additionally, I have been working on program planning and coordination for upcoming events. I have specifically been working to help plan the Connect Conference, an off-campus event for 75 sophomore business students, by arranging the venue contract, designing the event program, and Mikki and I will also be presenting a workshop on StrengthsQuest for the student attendees. I am also currently working to develop website content and resources for the Porter Center, coordinating focus group meetings with students to discuss and explore services and marketing techniques and am also working with Jane on a new weekly program series to be implemented in the coming months.

Throughout the January term, I supported a Transitions Strategies class for science majors. The course was taught primarily by faculty members Dr. Jen Uno and Dr. Yuko Miyamoto and was unique in its utilization of guest speakers in almost every class period. From the speakers, students learned about a variety of careers in science and heard tips and advice from professionals in the field.

Last week, Mikki and I had the treat of attending a one-day professional development event at UNC hosted by the North Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers (NCACE). At this event, we reconnected with local career professionals and made new connections with other career and HR staff from across North Carolina. The event was a fun opportunity to network, learn, and recharge.

This upcoming spring will be busy. Despite the current break from classes, Greek life is keeping the campus alive. Sorority women are currently hosting rush events and the men will start their fraternity rush events next week. Students continue to use the SPDC services and are increasingly focused on pursuing and solidifying job and internship positions and prospects for summer and beyond.

In the spring, I look forward to partnering further with different areas of Student Life (starting with a presentation for RA training next week), attending two regional conferences (NCCA and NCACE), supporting a Transitions Class for math and statistics majors with Lisa Rosenberg and implementing the business programs that we’ve been working toward. Further, Mikki and I will continue to support the work of our colleagues by helping out at major events such as the upcoming Job & Internship Expo, Professional Discovery Week, and more.

Ready or not, here spring comes!


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