100 Student Appointments

Created by: Katie Smith, 2012-2013 Career Advising Fellow

Campus decorated for the annual Elon Festival of Lights ceremony

The Christmas lights and holiday decorations are up and Elon students have just one more day of class. Where has the time gone?

Today I had my 100th student appointment. It is incredible to think that I have had the opportunity to meet with so many students over the last two months, helping them create, build, and clean up their resumes and cover letters, prepare for interviews, and make career decisions. Working with students has been wonderfully rewarding and the work is paying off.

Just last I week I was getting lunch at the Colonnades dining hall when I received an update from a first year student who had written her very first resume in hopes of joining a selective student group. Getting dinner on campus after an evening presentation, I ran into a junior student who had a few more questions about her cover letter for a prestigious business internship. Leaving a basketball game, I saw a senior student who filled me in on a recent phone interview for his first full-time job in international policy. They’re everywhere, literally and figuratively.

Student appointments are probably my favorite part of our job, as each one is unique. Each student presents a new situation with new questions, concerns, and goals. A resume appointment could be a conversation about what a resume is and the basic components of what students should include on their resumes, a lesson on formatting tricks in Microsoft Word, or a debate about the placement of an apostrophe. Another appointment might be a mock interview, a discussion about assessments and majors, talking about how to use LinkedIn, discussing salary expectations, or any other career topic fitting the student’s needs. Through my appointments I have met students with goals ranging widely, from those interested in on-campus jobs, to another who aspires to be the future President of the United States. They sky’s the limit if you do the work and start preparing early. I can’t wait to see where the students end up.

At the end of each day, we enter appointment notes and reflect on the conversations we’ve had. Working with so many students helps us to appreciate the value of what we do. No matter their goals, we can help them move closer. The students learn from us, and we learn from them.

Students enjoy hot chocolate while listening to holiday songs. Final exams are right around the corner!



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