It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Created by: Katie Smith, 2012-2013 Career Advising Fellow

On Monday September 27th from 7-9 PM, the Student Professional Development Center staff held a Meet & Greet event for our newest satellite office, located in the Station at Mill Point Depot building.

When Mikki and I each came to campus for our interviews at the end of April 2012, the Station at Mill Point was still just a blueprint and an architectural plan with the very beginning of a construction site visible to the local community. A quick four months later, a neighborhood of 24 houses stood ready for move-in day.

Approximately 320 undergraduate students live in the Station at Mill Point, a community of townhouse-style apartments designed for students of junior and senior status. Located just a short walk from campus, the apartments are designed to give upperclass students the independence they seek with the amenities they want. Did I mention there’s a small fitness center, an outdoor pool and a sand volleyball court?

As part of our fellowship position, Mikki, Ashley, and I have the good fortune of living in the beautiful brand new community at Station at Mill Point, a perk with benefits for both us and our student neighbors. Not only do we get to enjoy our own spacious 4-bedroom/4-bathroom apartment and the nearby community facilities, but our convenient residential location also allows us to give back to the community in a big way.

In the Station at Mill Point Depot building, students can find Mikki, Ashley or I working as the career advisor available for drop-in appointments Monday-Thursday from 1:30-5 PM and on Monday evenings from 7-9. While students can, of course, schedule appointments with the three of us or any other SPDC staff members through our main office in Moseley, this new satellite office location allows us to provide accessible services and greater availability in a location convenient to hundreds of junior and senior students.

The well-attended Meet & Greet event was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our new office location and to advertise the availability of career services to our new neighborhood. Evening drop-in hours start next Monday and we are excited to serve as an additional resource for students nearing the end of their college careers. Spread the word, career services is in the neighborhood!


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