Career Fellows 2.0

Created by: Mikki Hornstein, 2012-2013 Career Advising Fellow

Tabling to promote drop-in hours!

Katie and I are approaching the end of our eighth week here at Elon! These past weeks have gone by incredibly fast and I can only imagine that the remainder of the school year will pass just as quickly. We spent the first few weeks in what I’d like to call, “Ultimate Career Development Training Mode”.  Ross, as well as many of the other SPDC staff, taught us about assessments (MBTI, Strong, StrengthsFinder), resume reviewing, interview skills, how to use the Elon Job Network as well as other SPDC resources,  job/ graduate school search techniques, and so much more that I can’t type it all up! We have also been meeting with various administrative leaders on campus to learn more about the Elon community and how we, as Career Fellows, can partner with different offices (e.g. Residence Life, Leadership, Greek Life, etc.) to provide the most effective support for students. The warm welcome we have received each time we meet with someone on campus has been comforting and has reinforced what a great decision it was to accept our positions at Elon.

After hearing so many glowing reviews about the success of Ashley and Marianne, the 2011-2012 Elon Career Fellows, it was quickly apparent that Katie and I have some big shoes to fill. Fortunately, we’re up to the challenge! Even more fortunately, Ashley has returned as a Senior Fellow for the year, so she’ll be around to give us advice and help us get acclimated. Ashley has already been incredibly supportive!

I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the academic year brings! Katie and I are transitioning into observation mode during which we will sit-in on advising appointments with various SPDC staff members. We will have the opportunity to see different advising styles and prepare to start taking our own appointments starting next month! We can’t wait to get more involved on campus, start one-on-one advising, and collaborate with some other great Elon staff. We’re dedicated to keeping the Career Fellows energy strong!


Author: mjhornstein

Career Services Fellow at Elon University

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