Spring Boot Camp

Created by Ashley Pinney, 2011-2012 Career Fellow

Networking Activity

Last Saturday, my colleagues and I worked with 12 students and alumni on their career skills. Students learned or strengthened their interviewing and networking skills, improved their resumes, and learned more about the services provided by the Student Professional Development Center.

I spoke on the topic of networking and my colleague Michelle Jones had a great  idea for an activity. This activity is based on the idea that everyone has a professional network. I started the activity holding a ball of string. I said a career direction I was interested in and if  a person knows someone who works in that field, the ball of string went to them. Then that person got the ball of string and said their career goal. This continues until everyone is holding part of the string and a giant web is made. This is a great visual activity to show students exactly how networking works…and it was fun!


Author: Ashley Pinney

I am a Career Counseling Fellow at Elon University. The position is a post-graduate fellowship with an emphasis on providing career counseling services to students through individual meetings and co-facilitation of transition classes, as well as collaborating with residence life to develop career-related programing.

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