Career vs. Calling

by Marianne Brigola, Career Fellow 2011-2012

This week, the Student Professional Development Center is sponsoring Professional Discovery Week–a week full of career and graduate-school themed programs, ranging from Life after Elon, to A Day in the Life of a Graduate Student to themed sessions for specific majors.

Ashley and I also had the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and campus student affairs professionals on a session that was the brainchild of our amazing supervisor, Ross Wade. Our session, Career vs. Calling: Spiritual Influences in Career Decision-Making, looked at the roles of spiritual beliefs and personal values when it comes to deciding on a profession. Our interdisciplinary panel included Jan Fuller, University Chaplain, L.D. Russell, professor in the Religious Studies department, and Nancy Luberoff, campus director of Hillel.

Panelists and Students in the Elingburg Room

The last time this type of session was attempted a few years ago only one student showed up! Needless to say, Ashley and I were a little worried about our turn out. We reached out and invited different student organizations and faculty members in relevant departments, inviting them and their students to attend. In the end, we had nothing to worry about–we had over 25 students attend! Our panelists had a lot to do with that–they are all engaging, personal speakers who had some great stories and advice for our students. Ashley and I both learned as much from that session as our students!

Thanks again to Nancy, Jan and L.D. for a great session!


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