I-Media Students’ Fly-In Service Projects

By Marianne Brigola, Career Fellow 2011-2012

Over Winter Term, Elon’s I-Media graduate students traveled to Iceland, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico to put their knowledge and skills to practical use, working with clients to develop innovative, creative marketing and branding strategies. This morning, Ashley and I had the opportunity to see their presentations on their projects. In addition to websites, the students also created social media strategies for their clients, creating Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Flickr accounts and Youtube videos to promote their clients’ work. They worked with a variety of non-profit organizations to increase awareness about democracy, sea turtle conservation, indigenous cultures, education and rainforest conservation .Check out some of the new logos and websites that they designed for their clients at the links below.

Academia Nataneal

A supplemental education program in the Yucatan penninsula




An indigenous population in Costa Rica working on cultural preservation.



A sea turtle conservation organization based in Panama

Great job to all the students in the I-Media program. For more information about Elon’s graduate I-Media program, check out their website!


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