A Game-Plan for Student Athletes

By: Marianne Brigola, Career Fellow 2011-2012

Last week the Student Professional Development Center collaborated with the Cayce Crenshaw, Jayme Pendergast, and Jenny Womack in the Athlete Academic Support department to develop an internship workshop for junior student athletes. As varsity athletes, these students often deal with time-management issues and other concerns from that of a typical students. While we all know that internships and involvement in student organizations are key for professional success, it can be difficult for student athletes to prepare for and fit in internships amidst practices, trainings and games.

We split up the teams and held two separate workshops. Together with our colleagues Rhonda Kosusko, Pam Brumbaugh, Rene’ Jackson, Tom Vecchione, we focused on resumes and cover letters, networking, interviewing and graduate school application process.  Overall it was a great workshop to reach out to the student athletes and introduce them to the staff, our services and how we could help them with their internship and job searches. Collaborating with the academic advising staff helped ensure we had great turnout and that we were meeting the needs of this student population. I’ll be collaborating with Jayme this spring for a transition strategies class for those students interested in careers in athletics and I’m excited to learn more about this field!


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