Practicing What I Preach!

By Marianne Brigola, Career Counseling Fellow 2011-2012

One of the biggest things that I encourage my students to do is to NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK.

Our Elon Career Network (ECN) is an online database of over 650 alumni, parents, and friends of the University who are willing to connect with students about their careers and general life advice. Our Elon Career Services profile on LinkedIn has over 3,000 connections. It seems that no matter where a student is interested in working, we have a way to get them connected to the right person who can help them. Students are continuously impressed by the LinkedIn profile and the ECN and are often excited to see who is on there and what companies or organization they are working for. Just to learn more about their jobs, the industries, where they live or any advice they have on experiences they should gain as students–these alumni, parents and friends of the university are a valuable resource for our students.

I decided it was time for me to practice what preach to my students and reach out to other career counselors to see what I could learn from them as a new professional in career development. Last week I have the opportunity to meet with Laura Lane, Assistant Director of Career Services at UNC Chapel Hill and Past-President of the North Carolina Career Development Association. She was kind enough to meet with me over lunch and took me on a tour of the Career Services office at UNC. Laura shared what her career journey had been, having worked at community colleges, private universities and public universities. She had great advice about how to get involved in and the value of active participation in professional organizations. Laura gave me some great advice that I am definitely going to keep in mind as I continue to develop as I start my own career in career counseling.


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