Pamphlets, Posters, and Popcorn

Created by: Ashley Pinney, 2011-2012 Career Counseling Fellow

2011 Elon Organization Fair

It’s 3pm. We enter the courtyard beyond Mosley and the whirlwind begins. Tables, tents, posters, flyers, people, and an intoxicating smell of….popcorn. Set-up for the 2011 Elon Organization Fair has begun! Each year Elon hosts the “Org Fair” where Elon clubs and groups of all shapes and sizes set-up tables to inform (and perhaps entice) first-years to join their organization. It is overwhelming to say the least!

Marianne and I thought it would be a great idea to represent Career Services at the fair. We had two objectives. Firstly, we wanted to show students why joining activities and clubs is important. We did this by having two resumes.  One resume had no activities on it and the other one did. We talked to students about how the resume with activities was a lot stronger than the one without activities. It was a great visual tool. Our colleague, Rene Jackson, came up with the idea and it was a brilliant one! It grabbed a lot of people’s attention.

Me and Marianne at our table

Our second objective was to inform first-years about our services. We actually received an email from a first-year already asking to schedule an appointment to talk about her four-year plan. We talked to a lot of first-years and they seem interested in what we offered and how we could help them. Overall, I think our table at the Org Fair was a success and I encourage the 2012-2013 Fellows to do it next year!


Author: Ashley Pinney

I am a Career Counseling Fellow at Elon University. The position is a post-graduate fellowship with an emphasis on providing career counseling services to students through individual meetings and co-facilitation of transition classes, as well as collaborating with residence life to develop career-related programing.

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