Grad School Rock Stars!

By Marianne Brigola, Career Counseling Fellow 2011-2012

Last Friday I gave my first presentation as a Career Counseling Fellow, collaborating with the Elon Multicultural Center. I presented to 8 senior Watson and Odyssey scholars on applying for graduate schools. The presentation was essentially an information session about things to consider when choosing to apply for graduate school, important criteria for selecting programs, preparing for the entrance exams and putting together your application. Although the meeting was a scheduled senior meeting, many students noted that they in the process of choosing graduate schools to apply to. I was really please with the presentation. Having recently gone through the graduate school application twice over the past 3 years, I felt knowledgeable in the topic but I was nervous about presenting for the first time. However, the students were engaged and participated throughout the presentation. The small size made it seem more like a discussion than me just talking to them. I found that reflecting on my own experiences and those of my friends as they went through the process seemed to really resonate with the students.

On a side note, the presentation was entitled “How to Be a Grad School Rockstar” and featured photos of several popular rock stars including Journey, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz… while I’m familiar with these super stars, most of the students in the presentation weren’t. I guess we’ll have to change to pictures to artists who are more relevant. Maybe these guys?


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