A Hot, Steaming Cup of Joy

Created by: Ashley Pinney, Career Counseling Fellow 2011-2012

Coffee, coffee, coffee

One of my favorite events put on by Elon is College Coffee. The entire campus is invited to enjoy delicious Starbucks coffee, fresh juice, donuts, bagels, and great conversation every Tuesday morning from 9:40-10:20am. Not only is this a great time to recharge, it is a great time to meet other people who you normally don’t interact with. While Elon is a small institution, it is also a busy one. I have met a lot of people at College Coffee that I would not have met otherwise. It is really interesting meeting other people and learning about their roles at Elon. As someone who is responsible for outreach, opportunities like College Coffee is a great informal way to make contacts and learn how my office and their office can work together.

Me with Athletic Employees, Garrett & Mike

Author: Ashley Pinney

I am a Career Counseling Fellow at Elon University. The position is a post-graduate fellowship with an emphasis on providing career counseling services to students through individual meetings and co-facilitation of transition classes, as well as collaborating with residence life to develop career-related programing.

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