Back to class!

By Marianne Brigola, Career Counseling Fellow 2011-2012

This week marked the beginning of our first Transition Strategies (TS) course. The TS class only runs for half the semester and is designed to build job search skills for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The course covers everything from cover letters and resume writing to self-assessments to informational interviewing. By the end of the class, the students should have the skills they need to be successful as they embark on their job search/internship search processes.

Luckily our students were smart enough to enroll in the TS class, so they won't have to worry about this!

The class is being taught by our colleague Michelle Jones, with Ashley and I chiming in where ever we can. We have  six students enrolled in the class. The first class was a little quiet but the students seem to be genuinely invested in the curriculum. I’m sure once everyone gets to know each other over the next few classes, there will be a lot of energy and collaboration in the room.

The first class opened with a fun ice-breaker which encouraged the students to discuss their role models (people not within their family… more like politicians, actors/actresses, etc) and their favorite quote. We all shared ours as well–I chose Punky Brewster for her friendliness and positivity and “Feel the Fear and then do it anyways” as my quote. The students chose a variety of different role models, including Oprah, Jennifer Aniston and Eleanore Roosevelt.

Then we reviewed what they hoped to get out of the class and what they wanted to learn; as well as their motivations for taking the class. I think the opportunity to collaborate with the instructor on the content for the class really helped encourage the students to take ownership for the class itself.

It’s very exciting to be in the classroom. It’s my first time in an instructor role so it’s great to see how the class is going to develop throughout the next few weeks, especially considering I’ll be co-teaching another two transition strategy classes later on in the semester. I’ll be assisting with an TS class for Engineering majors and another for Psychology majors.


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