6 Ways Your Social Media Presence Could Be Better

Social media buttonsBy: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow 

This past Sunday evening I had the pleasure of presenting to about 100 young sorority women about social media and its importance in their professional future. While advising them on the do’s and don’ts of social media, it made me think back to my own sorority college days, which surely wasn’t that long ago. ;) We worked hard to make a positive impact both on campus and in the community but going to parties and having fun was certainly not too far down on the agenda. It often goes unnoticed that with that fun, sometimes comes unwanted Facebook pictures and tweets posted for everyone to see including employers. So I thought I’d share with you the do’s and don’ts of social media I shared with them that we all may need to be introduced to or refreshed on. :)

Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

  • Do create positive content
    • What does that even mean, right? Well…post, share, tweet, and retweet articles that interest you. Participate in conversation and debates, when appropriate, about current events and areas of interest.
  • Don’t post questionable photos of yourself anywhere on the Internet
    • Some interesting stats here that just may blow your mind, 91% of employers say they DO use social media to screen candidates; 1 in 3 employers rejected candidates based on information they found about them online. Mind blown!
  • Do Google yourself
    • I know it sounds weird but trust me, you want to see what’s on the Internet about you before employers do.
  • Don’t post negative status updates or tweets
    • Often times, we may get frustrated at work but don’t post about it on social media! Even though your boss isn’t your Facebook friend doesn’t mean that someone that is can’t show them. If you wouldn’t say it in an interview, think about if you should say it online.
  • Do create an awesome LinkedIn profile
  • Don’t make your online presence all about you
    • Think less selfies and more ways to contribute to your professional brand either through writing articles or even blogging, like this. (ha!)

According to U.S. News and World reports, 2010

P.S. What are some other do’s and don’ts you would add to the list?

Full Circle

By: Beth Mannella, Career Advising Fellow

Happy Friday! As I reach my two-month anniversary of starting this fellowship, I am amazed at how several aspects of my experience thus far have come full circle. For example, Ross Wade began this fellowship five years ago and recently came back to Elon University as the Director of Career Development in the Student Professional Development Center! With Ross’s return to Elon, he now supervises the Career Advising Fellows, which is extremely exciting! The opportunity to work closely with Ross, who developed this incredible fellowship, seems surreal!

In addition to experiencing this fellowship come full circle with welcoming Ross Wade back to Elon, when I interviewed for the fellowship, I expressed interest in corporate and employer relations and corporate campus recruiting. Fast forward to this week, where I helped manage our first fall event, employer information session, and on-campus employer interviews! Next week, I will continue to help manage employer-related events, including the following:

  • Sales Meet and Greet
  • Job & Internship Expo
  • Employer Lunch & Learns
  • On-campus interviews
  • Employer Information Sessions

I am beyond fortunate to have the opportunity to serve as the point person for all on-campus employer relations for the next several months and continue to gain experience in this realm.

It has also been wonderful to have a friend (and former colleague) join the Elon University community. When I was in my first year of graduate school, several colleagues began working at Elon, so my circle of higher education colleagues expanded to this institution. Now that I am here in this fellowship and another former colleague has joined campus, things are continually becoming full circle!

As my fellowship “circle” continues to become fuller, one of my greatest realizations over the past two months has been recognizing how important office culture, campus climate, weather (ha!), communication, and a positive attitude blend to enhance this fellowship experience. Thank you, Ross Wade, for developing and implementing this fellowship five years ago!

Confessions of a Goal Digger

downloadBy: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow 

These past couple of days I have experienced so many firsts! Just to name a few, I have now had my first sessions of drop-in hours, one-on-one appointments with students, and I have also given my first presentation to students here at Elon!

I had the opportunity to talk with the Leaders Impacting Values-based Experiences (L.I.V.E) Directors about what we do in the Student Professional Development Center and what resources would be valuable to them. Just some background knowledge on our L.I.V.E. Directors here at Elon, there are 5 Directors who are all students and are all members of Fraternity & Sorority Life. These students work with chapter leadership & House Captains to create experiences related to areas of the Fraternity & Sorority Life Chapter Development & Performance Program. Did I mention that these are students!? The work they will be doing is awesome! In addition to presenting to them, I asked them about what their goals were with collaborating with our office and what they hope to accomplish with this wonderful partnership. Little did they know, I was on my way to achieving one of my many goals by simply getting the chance to present to them.

Before I started this position, I made it a goal of mine to sharpen my presentation skills. I often times got the feedback that I would speak too fast while presenting and to watch out for my filler words, which I definitely need help with avoiding filler words! It’s so hard! :( So with that goal, I thought to myself, practice makes perfect! In an effort to create a measurable goal I told myself that I will present at least 100 times by the end of my fellowship. That might seem high but I don’t think I will have any problems getting to that number at all!

I mention goal-setting to say this, setting goals is important, almost everyone know’s that, but setting goals before you start a position is essential. It allows for you to have a vision of what you hope to accomplish so that you go in already working on set tasks. Also, if you have already formulated your goals before starting your position it shows initiative and that you have a plan to stay and grow with the company to complete those goals.

With that being said, I have a lot of other goals that I have set for myself (hints *the confessions of a goal digger*) within this fellowship and I hope to share more with you all as I continue my ‘Elon’ journey!

New Beginnings

Happy Friday!

As introduced in prior blog posts, my name is Beth Mannella, and I am thrilled to work in the SPDC as one of the 2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows at Elon University! Elon is the fifth institution I have worked at, and the SPDC staff and greater Elon community have made the first six weeks wonderful! I am fortunate to live in a beautiful state, work with talented and knowledgeable professionals, and support Elon students in a number of ways throughout my fellowship.

This past weekend, President Lambert shared in his New Student Convocation address to the Class of 2019 that this is a time for new beginnings. In higher education, a new academic year also signifies new incoming students, new staff members, new policies and procedures, and new opportunities. If you are a higher education professional, then Happy New Academic Year! As the new 2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows, Latisha and I have spent the past six weeks settling into our new (recently renovated) office space, meeting our new colleagues, learning our new roles, and starting our post-Master’s journeys in a new city and state. The academic year seems to fly by quicker every year, so as this new year begins, it is time to recognize where we are individually and what new endeavors and challenges we anticipate facing.

After Latisha and I completed over one month of training, we wanted to express our gratitude to our two supervisors, Amber McCraw and Kristen Aquilino. Amber and Kristen put extensive time and effort into developing and executing our fellowship training, while managing their own workloads. Latisha and I spent time creating a list of words that describe Amber and Kristen, individually, and turned them into wordle images (photo below). As this new academic year begins, it is also a time where we can evaluate our professional image and work style. One question I constantly ask myself is, “How do I want my colleagues and students to describe me?” Words are powerful and as we dive into another academic year, I hope we can all strive to be described with words we feel empower us and reflect our individuality, work style, and personality. What words do you hope your colleagues or students would use to describe you?

Have a great weekend!

New Office

The newly renovated Career Advising Fellows office, located in Moseley 140. Please come visit our beautiful new space!

Career Advising Fellows Past & Present: Latisha Taylor, Amber McCraw, Kristen Aquilino, Beth Mannella

Career Advising Fellows Past & Present (L to R): Latisha Taylor, Amber McCraw, Kristen Aquilino, Beth Mannella

Officially Official!

By: Latisha Taylor, Career Advising Fellow

Hello everyone!

I guess you can now say we (Beth and I) are finally “official” now that we are posting on the Elon University Career Fellows Blog! Like Amber said in our introduction, I am from Richmond, VA which is not too far, only a three-hour drive. However, if you ask my mom she will say that it’s practically across the country. Even though it is not far, I am still in a new state with new surroundings which prompts new beginnings! Everyone I have met has been extremely nice and helpful, literally EVERYONE! Southern hospitality goes a long way. :)

Speaking of southern hospitality, the folks at Elon University certainly do a fantastic job at displaying kindness and providing assistance. For example, both Beth and I had an issue with setting up our voicemail’s. When we put in a request to Tech Support to have it fixed, we received an email a few minutes later with an “issue resolved” ticket. Well, as excited as we were to have our voicemail’s set up, that excitement quickly came to a halt when we checked to see if our voicemail’s were now working, which sadly they were not. When I reached back out to Tech Support letting them know that it still wasn’t working, Ben Seay (shout out to Ben!) immediately called and was very eager to help me set up my voicemail. Mind you, this was around 4:55 PM on a Monday! Ben helped me with this issue until after 5:00 PM, talk about dedication! From what I’ve been told, I guess that’s just the Elon way!

Being a new Career Advising Fellow, not only have I met and encountered some awesome people, but I have already had the opportunity to participate in an amazing workshop. Elon hosted the North Carolina Association of Colleges and Employers Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Workshop. The MBTI is a personality assessment that I had taken before, but I knew very little on how to interpret and especially how to best use this tool when working with students. After attending the workshop, I may not be certified just yet but I definitely know A LOT more than I did before. In addition, I was able to network with other career services professionals in the state. How cool is that!?

All in all, I am looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the fellowship will turn out! If it is anything like my first couple of weeks so far, then I know it will be a blast!


Farewell Fellowship

By: Amber McCraw, Career Advising Fellow

This fellowship has been a wonderful experience over the last 10 months filled with many opportunities for learning and exploring, new friendships, moments of growth both personally and professionally, challenges, and time to reflect.  It was just what I needed to settle back into North Carolina and decide on a career path that is right for me.  That career path involves helping others with their own career journeys.  Speaking of journeys…since you have followed us on this journey, it only seems right to let you know where I am headed next.  Saturday will officially be my last day as a Career Advising Fellow after our office assists with Commencement.

However, it is with excitement that I can announce that I will continue my journey at Elon University as the Assistant Director of Career Services for the School of Communications.  This also comes with the opportunity to work closely with next year’s fellows!  *Cue excitement*  :)

I am beyond grateful for all of the support from the Student Professional Development Center throughout my fellowship and thankful that they are keeping me around. I am looking forward to all of the learning, challenges, and excitement that this new position will offer.  Here’s to a new leg in my career journey!

Long Live Elon!  Go Phoenix!

Long Live Elon! Go Phoenix!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows

By: Amber McCraw, Career Advising Fellow 

It was a competitive process with many excellent candidates, but the Student Professional Development Center is very pleased to welcome Beth and Latisha to the team as the 2015-2016 Career Advising Fellows!  Keep reading to learn more about our talented additions to the team!

Originally from Bucks County, PA, Beth Mannella attended James Madison University where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree in Management with a minor in Human Resource Development. While attending James Madison University, Beth worked in residence life and found her calling in higher education, which led to pursuing a career in student affairs. Beth has spent the last two years at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, completing her Master’s degree in College Student Personnel Administration and working in the Office of Residence Life, with practicum experiences in the Business Career Center and New Student and Family Programs. She is thrilled to join Elon University and work with students and staff in the Career Services Advising Fellowship. For fun, Beth enjoys reading blogs and books, cooking, planning travel adventures, and attending baseball games at all 30 MLB stadiums (she has been to 10 stadiums already)! Beth is looking forward to leaving the Midwest winters and experiencing the beauty of Elon University and North Carolina.

eth Mannella

Beth Mannella

From Richmond, Virginia, Latisha Taylor, is more than excited for her move down to North Carolina to help the students of Elon achieve their dream careers. Latisha attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia where she double majored in Psychology and Human Services. During that time is when she became heavily involved in social and community service organizations, which peaked her interest and eventually her passion for  Student Affairs. Latisha went on to complete her Master’s degree in Higher Education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where she worked as a Graduate Assistant in Housing and Residence Life and a Graduate Intern at University Career Services. Latisha is a member of the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. In her free time, Latisha enjoys shopping, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.

Latisha Taylor

Latisha Taylor

Latisha and Beth will begin in July 2015 :)