No more Resumes!

I came across this interesting article from the Wall Street Journal this week entitled “No more resumes, say some firms.”

Inundated by traditional cover letters and resumes, some companies are requesting links to potential employees’ web blogs, social media outlets and even videos and other creative, non-traditional medias that can reflect a person’s professional accomplishments. Just another reason for students and professional to stay up to date with new social media technology and creative ways to market one’s self!

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About Marianne Brigola

Assistant Director of Career Services for the School of Communications Career Fellow, 2011-2012 Student Professional Development Center | Elon University National Certified Counselor with a strong background and interests in higher education and student development. I am an ENFJ and a life-long learner. My experience includes work in a variety of community mental health agencies and higher education student affairs departments, including: careers services, financial aid, student athlete academic support, and college mental health. As a career counselor I work with students and clients to assist them in identifying personal, professional, and educational goals and providing them with the support, knowledge, and skills to help them achieve their goals. I attended Virginia Tech, where I earned a B.A. in English. I completed my graduate degree in 2010 from UNC in Greensboro, where I majored in College Counseling and Student Development. In my free time I'm a college football fan (Go Hokies!), a wanna-be chef + baker, a bookworm, movie junkie and unwilling-but-I-know-it's-good-for-me runner (makes up for all the desserts!)

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